Powerful aid for treating pain and injuries, effective muscle-building exercises
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  • This is the world’s first book on flossing, providing a systematic overview of the potential uses and positive effects of this method: rapid pain relief and effective low-resistance muscle-building.

    In recent years, flossing has become popular under the somewhat obscure term of "voodoo flossing". To start with, flossing was an insider's tip for ambitious athletes and crossfitters, and became accessible to the wider public via this route. In 2014, the American physiotherapist Dr Kelly Starrett described a variety of applications in his book Becoming a Supple Leopard. However, flossing has been known as an effective muscle-building tool for longer than that: in 2004, the Japanese authors Takarada and Tsuruta described the positive association between flossing and low-resistance musclebuilding.

    How does flossing exert its effect? Among other things flossing produces rapid pain relief by influencing the fascias or fascia system without exposing the body to medication. The method's possibilities and limits, along with its theoretical basis, are described in detail in this book. Flossing as a practical treatment is demonstrated mainly in the symptomatic conditions listed below, with step-by-step explanations. This ensures that each flossing wrap and active exercise is easy to understand and can be readily implemented.

    Flossing effectively treats pain in the shoulder, arms and hands, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, painful conditions of the spine and sacral region, problems in the hips, legs and feet. With the aid of the treatments demonstrated in the book, flossing practice can be learned easily and safely, allowing the reader to experience its amazing potential in controlling pain and building muscle.

    The author team

    Roland Kreutzer is an instructor in the Brügger approach for the management of musculoskeletal disorders and a manual therapist. He has 25 years of practical experience concerning disorders in the areas of orthopedic medicine, surgery and pediatric orthopedics. He regularly gives courses to pass on his knowledge and his wealth of experience.

    Klaas Stechmann is a physiotherapist, naturopath and master’s degree student in osteopathy. He is an independent practitioner at interdisciplinary group practices in Hamburg and Stade. For over five years, the focus of his work has been on the fascia system and its significance to the human body.

    Hendrik Eggers is a physiotherapist (B. Sc.) in Lüneburg. For some time now, he has been concentrating his attention on flossing and its practical applications.

    Dr. Bernard C. Kolster (ed.) is a physiotherapist and physician. His main areas of practice are physical medicine, rehabilitation, reflextherapy, and nutritional medicine. He is author and editor of many specialist textbooks.

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    104 pages, 240 colour illustrations, soft-cover edition, format: 185 x 260 mm
    1st edition 2016
    € 19,85, £ 17,45, $ 21,95
    ISBN: 978-1-85097-296-9
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