The Ultimate DIY Fascia Treatment Guide

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The Ultimate DIY Fascia Treatment Guide

Say Goodbye to Pain
Forthcoming Summer 2017
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  • Fascia is a term denoting the continuous connective tissue network that extends throughout the body. It encloses, separates and permeates virtually all parts of the body, from head to toe. Fascia includes tendons, ligaments and muscle sheaths as well as subcutaneous tissue, organ sheaths and meninges. Thanks to new research findings, we now know that targeted treatment and training of the fasciae is possible. This book provides exactly the right knowledge needed for targeted and holistic fascia self-treatment. Step by step, the author explains easy-to-perform exercises that utilize the connections throughout the entire body and take the body-mind connection into account. In numerous illustrations, the instructions are described comprehensibly and in detail.

    DVD: The companion DVD contains 37 video sequences in which the most important exercises are demonstrated and explained. Besides demonstrating proper use of the roll, it also explains stretching and dynamic exercises from head to toe. This allows you to repeat the movements in real time and check for clean execution. With the additional audio option, you can also have the exercise instructions read to you. The combination of book, video and audio material provides everything you need for an intensive and effective self-treatment.

    Novelty of this concept: This book contains detailed and targeted treatment instructions that enable readers to effectively and independently treat their own complaints. Consequently, most of this book is dedicated to the practical selftreatment of common complaints such as back pain, shoulder and neck pain, pain in the chest region, restricted movement, tingling and numbness of the fingers, headaches and movement disorders of the jaw.

    The author

    Klaas Stechmann is a physiotherapist, naturopath and master’s degree student in osteopathy. He is an independent practitioner at interdisciplinary group practices in Hamburg and Stade. For over five years, the focus of his work has been on the fascia system and its significance to the human body.

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    200 pages, 340 colour illustrations, soft-cover edition with DVD, format: 185 x 260 mm
    1st edition 2017
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    ISBN: 978-1-85097-299-0
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